UK designed and manufactured bespoke stillages, a-frames, mobile stillages, glass-handling stillages

"RentalSpec stillages. Engineered to work, built to last..."

For a number of years we’ve been established here in South Wales as both a manufacturer and designer of Steel storage and Metal stillage systems for materials handling. By liaising with your Health and Safety teams, fabricating to strict industry requirements and design guidelines we’re able to meet and exceed your specifications.

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With in-house expertise in AutoCAD and many years of material handling experience, we can design and prototype at out South Wales manufacturing base in Cardiff. All of our Stillages, racks, bins, cages and trolleys are fabricated on site here. We also finish our steel products in house, with dedicated Spray paint, Powder coating and galvanising facilities available.

Rentalspec Products Ltd are manufacturing and supply partners to much of the UK Hire and Rental Industry. As such we have many years of experience in Steel Stillage fabrication and the supply of metal stillages to many industrial sectors. Of course our work also includes a variety of storage cages, metal bins and mesh baskets for parts and products alike.